Superhero Journey Get Well Map

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Get Well Maps are visual progression charts geared towards youth to help soften medical jargon, reduce anxiety during analysis, and set a goal for treatment completion. Each map can be personalized with the patient's name and photographs, and autographs from involved medical team members. Vibrant artwork and interactive board pieces keep children of all ages engaged but also make for a great keepsake to celebrate the child's perseverance. A masked superhero is the repositionable sticker that can be moved throughout the board to areas that metaphorically represent milestones in treatment, but there is also a rest area that represents medical challenges that may delay treatment such as surgery. Instructions are printed in English and Spanish on the back of each board, which is made of a durable foam core board that can easily be sanitized.

  • 1 board per unit
  • 18" x 12"
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