Step into Augmented Reality!

You may have heard of Augmented Reality (AR), the futuristic technology that kids think is super cool. But what is it? And how does it apply to you? Let’s explore augmented reality, and how SmileMakers helps doctors use it to entertain tech-savvy kids. 

What’s Augmented Reality?
Google’s official definition is “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.” This basically means you can use your smartphone to view the physical world, and through that lens, you can also see an image or video. That media is the “augmented” part of the reality.

Step into Augmented Reality!

What does Augmented Reality have to do with my practice? 
Kids can be difficult to keep entertained. With smartphones, apps and endless games in their pockets, what can a doctor’s office offer to make them feel comfortable and amused? While-u-Wait(™) Augmented Reality Wall Clings and Stickers from Smilemakers are fun for anyone with a smartphone and are a perfect substitute for messy, germ-carrying waiting room toys and outdated books.

How does it work?
The wall clings are high quality and easy to apply. Just peel and stick wherever a patient might have to spend time waiting, like the reception area or in the procedure room. Each set includes multiple clings so you can create a cohesive display for your walls. And they’re easy to maintain, requiring little to no cleaning, so your staff stays happy! Best of all, the clings feature favorite characters that not only liven your waiting area, but also attract the attention of patients.

Step into Augmented Reality!

Each wall cling set comes with simple instructions on how to enter the augmented reality experience. Just download the free Zapper app on Google Play or the App Store, scan the code on the wall clings with a smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled device, and watch them come to life! Each cling has challenges embedded in the new reality that unlock special features for kids and adults to enjoy!

And the fun continues at home when you give them matching augmented reality stickers from SmileMakers! They’re a great handout to remind patients about their experience, and encourage them to come see you again.


We’ve got options!
SmileMakers goal is to have the best selection of the hottest products for your patients. We’re expanding our selection of While-U-Wait Augmented Reality Wall Clings regularly so check back often for more options! Keep kids and families engaged with these adventures and explore the action yourself!

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