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How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween

How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween
6 months ago

October is Dental Hygiene Month, and it's a perfect time of year to focus on oral health. Halloween candy is on the shelves and people will be eating all kinds of sugary treats during the holidays. But this is the time of year that dental professionals can raise awareness and remind people of the oral care habits that will keep their teeth strong and healthy.

There are four focuses of dental hygiene month that affect oral health the most: brushing, flossing, rinsing, and chewing. SmileMakers has the dental essentials that will encourage your patients to maintain their smiles in between appointments:

How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween

Brushing: The Foundation of a Healthy Smile
Maintaining optimal dental health starts with a healthy daily oral hygiene routine. Most people already know this, but it's nice to be encouraged every once in a while with new tools that can keep things interesting. At SmileMakers, we have everything from toothbrushes, themed brushing timers to dental kits for the whole family. These dental essentials will make it easy for your patients to stay on top of their good dental habits.

How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween

Flossing May Be More Important Than Brushing!
Brushing can only clean the surfaces of teeth, but flossing removes debris from hard-to-reach places and below the gum line. Fortunately, SmileMakers has floss and flossers that will make it hard for patients to skip this important part of their oral care. Sending your patients home with new floss will keep this important step fresh in their minds. Throughout the month of October 2018, you can also enter the SmileMakers Flossing for Floss giveaway to win $1000 in minty fresh dental floss!

Reminders to Rinse
Rinsing your mouth after meals and snacks can help remove debris and food particles. This act can be crucial in removing damaging bacteria before it has a chance to stick to your teeth. Fluoride rinses and mouthwash can also be beneficial in keeping your teeth fresh and clean. And since Dental Hygiene Month is such a great time to remind patients to stay on top of their oral care, SmileMakers has Rinse with Mouthwash Recall Cards that encourage healthy habits. You can use these cards to remind patients of their upcoming appointments and to give their mouths a good rinse whenever they can

How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween

Chew on Sugar-Free Snacks
With Halloween fast approaching, SmileMakers offers healthy, sugar-free alternatives so patients can enjoy guilt-free candy and sweets. Pediatric patients will love our sugar free and xylitol lollipops that come in all kinds of fun shapes and colors. For a spookier treat, try our oozing gummy eyeballs (don't worry, they're just marshmallow candies filled with fruit-flavored jelly!) These treats will ensure that patients leave your office with positive memories and give you an opportunity to have a conversation about the importance of healthy oral care habits after enjoying sweet treats

Celebrate Dental Hygiene Month with SmileMakers Dental Essentials!
Dental Hygiene Month is a great time to stock up on dental essentials and make sure your patients have everything they need for a positive oral care routine at home. Check out our toothbrushes, dental kits, and toothpaste to find the best products to stock your office.

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