Brush Up On the Latest Toothbrushes from SmileMakers!

Brush Up On the Latest Toothbrushes from SmileMakers!

Brush Up On the Latest Toothbrushes from SmileMakers!

We know patient education is a huge part of your practice. Whether it's making everyday dental routines more fun for kiddos or guiding grown-ups toward gleaming oral health, you can help your patients learn how to care for their smile with toothbrushes from SmileMakers. Plus, with our high-caliber products and low prices, you can save money without sacrificing quality. Check out our selection of toothbrushes for all ages to inspire a lifetime of strong, radiant smiles!

Infant Safety Grip Toothbrushes

Soothe Baby's Smile with Our Infant Safety Grip Toothbrushes

When it comes to helping parents instill good oral hygiene habits for their bundles of joy, there's no better time to start than babyhood. Equip your practice with everything moms and dads need to take great care of their children's smiles with our Infant Safety Grip Toothbrushes. Made with adorable gummy grins in mind, these two-in-one toothbrushes feature a comfortable studded teething ring to ease the baby-teeth blues, and super soft bristles to gently polish any pearly whites. With cheerful color combos like magenta and purple, yellow and pink, and blue and orange, these brilliant brushes are sure to make little ones light up!

Toddler Bubble Grip Toothbrushes

Delight Little Brushers with Our Toddler Bubble Grip Toothbrushes

With their constant wonder, natural love for play, and developing personalities, tiny tots will love learning all about awesome oral hygiene with our Toddler Bubble Grip Toothbrushes! These whimsical toothbrushes are thoughtfully designed with a practical bubble grip and a convenient suction cup at the bottom of the handle, making them extra easy and fun for mini hands to hold.

They also include a compact head and soft bristles to help youngsters safely scrub away any sugar bugs. When you reward youngsters with this preventive prize, they'll look forward to keeping their chompers healthy at home.

Youth Ultra Grip Toothbrushes

Combat Cavities with Our Youth Ultra Grip Toothbrushes

As a dentist that works with pediatric patients, we understand how much you value setting them up for a future of flourishing, cavity-free smiles. Help kids sustain sparkling oral health between visits and avoid tooth decay with our Youth Ultra Grip Toothbrushes. Perfect for ages 5 and up, these professional quality toothbrushes include a power tip and tongue cleaner to ensure their entire smile is spotless.

Plus, the effortless bubble grip comes in a vivid assortment of kid-friendly hues! Empower young patients by letting them pick out a toothbrush in their favorite color and teaching them the importance of preventing cavities.

Pre-Teen Star Performance Toothbrushes

Shine Bright with Our Pre-Teen Star Performance Toothbrushes

Watching your patients grow and become more independent can be exciting! With all of the change that comes with being a tween, you can be a constant, compassionate partner on their dental journey with our Pre-Teen Star Performance Toothbrushes. These toothbrushes feature a curved neck, tongue cleaner, and a rounded head for seamless brushing, so every pre-teen can enjoy the benefits of glowing oral health as they grow.

Each toothbrush is also dressed with a fresh pop of color and a subtle star design that will make brushing amidst a busy schedule feel like a breeze.

Adult Educare Toothbrushes

Elevate At-Home Dental Care with Our Adult Educare Toothbrushes

Looking to leave your patients with a prize that pampers and protects their smiles? We have you covered with our Adult Educare Toothbrushes. Featuring an angled neck, semi-rounded head, and the softest nylon bristles, these sleek, translucent brushes are designed to give adult teeth a thorough and refreshing cleanse with every use.

Surprise and delight your patients with a brand new toothbrush to re-inspire their at home oral care routine! They'll walk away from their appointment feeling excited to show their teeth the proper TLC they deserve.

Update Your Practice Essentials with SmileMakers

At SmileMakers, we're proud to play a role in helping your patient community enjoy beautiful smiles for years to come. Our knowledgeable team is right by your side every step of the way to see your practice and your patients succeed. If you have any questions about our practice essentials, we'd love to hear from you! Just send us a message and one of our friendly staff members will respond to you shortly. We can't wait to connect with you!

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