Count on SmileMakers for the best selection of small toys and prizes for your young patients. There's always something new, plus old favorites too! Our wide variety means you can find prizes for every budget.

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  1. Ice Cream Erasers Ice Cream Erasers

    48 for $7.99

    Only 17¢ each

  2. Moveable Dinosaur Erasers Moveable Dinosaur Erasers

    48 for $13.99

    Only 29¢ each

  3. Fidget Pencil Toppers Fidget Pencil Toppers

    48 for $8.99

    Only 19¢ each

  4. Eyeball Erasers Eyeball Erasers

    36 for $19.99

    Only 56¢ each

  5. Moustache Erasers Moustache Erasers

    8 for $4.99

    Only 62¢ each

  6. Fruit Erasers Fruit Erasers

    24 for $6.99

    Only 29¢ each

  7. Animal Pencil Top Erasers Animal Pencil Top Erasers

    144 for $7.99

    Only 6¢ each

  8. 3-D Animal Erasers 3-D Animal Erasers

    48 for $11.49

    Only 24¢ each

  9. Wiggle Eye Pencil Toppers Wiggle Eye Pencil Toppers

    72 for $15.99

    Only 22¢ each

  10. Wiggle Eye Tooth Eraser Pencil Toppers Wiggle Eye Tooth Eraser Pencil Toppers

    120 for $22.99

    Only 19¢ each

  11. Toothbrush Erasers Toothbrush Erasers

    72 for $15.99

    Only 22¢ each

  12. Tooth Erasers Tooth Erasers

    48 for $16.99

    Only 35¢ each

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Add some fun to the day with SmileMakers toys and prizes for kids. Kids love to choose from a variety of toy and giveaway options and we have a wide selection. Small rewards are a big deal to kids who visit your office. Bouncy balls, costume jewelry, toy cars, bubbles and sticky toys are just a few of the toys and prizes we have at SmileMakers.