Valentine's Day Prizes

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  1. Silicone Heart Bracelets Silicone Heart Bracelets

    24 for $18.99

    Only 79¢ each

  2. Heart Rubber Bracelets Heart Rubber Bracelets

    24 for $8.99

    Only 37¢ each

  3. Valentines Day Pencil Mix Valentines Day Pencil Mix

    150 for $37.99

    Only 25¢ each

  4. Glitz Hearts Pencils Glitz Hearts Pencils

    50 for $14.99

    Only 30¢ each

  5. Happy Hearts Pencils Happy Hearts Pencils

    50 for $14.99

    Only 30¢ each

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SmileMakers Valentine's decorations, toys, stickers, pencils and decor will let them know you're their valentine! Whether you're a parent, mentor, or professional who works with children, you can give the Valentine's Day gift of caring - one smile at a time.