St. Patrick's Day Prizes

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  1. St. Patricks Day Sampler Refill St. Patricks Day Sampler Refill

    144 for $42.99

    Only 30¢ each

  2. St. Patricks Day Sampler St. Patricks Day Sampler

    144 for $43.99

    Only 31¢ each

  3. Shamrock Pencils Shamrock Pencils

    50 for $14.99

    Only 30¢ each

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SmileMakers has the St. Patrick's Day decorations, shamrock pencils, and fun toys that would make any leprechaun envious! Complete with shamrocks, rainbows, and other images that kids recognize, St. Patrick's products from SmileMakers make kids feel like they've found their own little pot o' gold!