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Halloween Prizes

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  1. Neon Vampire Teeth Neon Vampire Teeth

    144 for $21.99

    Only 15¢ each

  2. Glow in the Dark Teeth Glow in the Dark Teeth

    144 for $21.99

    Only 15¢ each

  3. Sticky Jack O' Lanterns Sticky Jack O' Lanterns

    144 for $18.99

    Only 13¢ each

  4. Plush Bean Bag Monsters Plush Bean Bag Monsters

    12 for $25.99

    Only $2.17 each

  5. Peanuts® Halloween Finger Puppets Peanuts® Halloween Finger Puppets

    72 for $7.99

    Only 11¢ each

  6. Peanuts® Halloween Temporary Tattoos Peanuts® Halloween Temporary Tattoos

    144 for $21.99

    Only 15¢ each

  7. Oozing Gummy Eyeballs Oozing Gummy Eyeballs

    50 for $6.99

    Only 14¢ each

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As one of the favorite holidays of boys and girls of all ages, Halloween is a time of celebrations, scares, and smiles! In addition to outfitting your parties, SmileMakers covers your home and office with Halloween decorations, stickers, and bulk Halloween candy that turning trick-or-treating into an adventure!