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  1. Christmas Putty Christmas Putty

    48 for $22.99

    Only 48¢ each

  2. Jingle Bell Rubber Bracelets Jingle Bell Rubber Bracelets

    24 for $16.99

    Only 71¢ each

  3. Jingle Bell Bracelets Jingle Bell Bracelets

    48 for $25.99

    Only 54¢ each

  4. Christmas Stretchy Band Bracelets Christmas Stretchy Band Bracelets

    24 for $25.99

    Only $1.08 each

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SmileMakers Christmas stickers, pencils, and toys will make sure that their winter holiday is warm & bright! And that's not all! Turn writing and arithmetic into a holiday celebration by rewarding your child or student with Christmas pencils