Practice Marketing 101

A successful balance of maintaining and acquiring new patients is essential for any dental practice. In the 1950s there were about 155,000 dental personnel offering services in the United States. Jump ahead to 2012, and statistics show that number has climbed to more than one million, reports

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What is Practice Marketing, and why is It Important?

Practice marketing is a tactic that allows your dental practice to reach out directly to patients and prospective patients via marketing products.

With practice marketing you're able to proactively engage  prospective patients, whether it's by offering a goodie bag  filled with products featuring your name to a grade school class learning about dental hygiene, or providing custom pencils and pens for the new-neighbor welcome kit. Practice marketing also helps to maintain relationships with current patients by letting them know you care and appreciate their business.

Most Effective Practice Marketing Techniques

Placing your name in the hands of patients and prospective patients is the most effective method of practice marketing. Participate in local events like health fairs, job fairs and even community celebrations like festivals. Offer goodie bags with items like toothbrushes, dental floss and small toys for children. Give away items such as water bottles with your practice name printed on each, and decorate your space with balloons, and other eye-catching décor to be sure you get noticed.

Trust SmileMakers for Both In-Office and Community Event Products

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  • Custom toothbrushes, including travel toothbrushes
  • Custom floss
  • Custom pencils
  • Customized gifts such as mugs and pens
  • Special event items (balloons, water bottles and more)
  • Toddler dental items: fun flossers, easy-grip toothbrushes and favorite character toothpaste
  • Games and prizes for your office treasure chest
  • Appointment and reminder cards

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