Cover their ouchies with the best value and selection of latex-free character, design, spot and stat strip bandages!

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  1. Care Bears Bandages Care Bears Bandages

    100 for $9.99

    Only 10¢ each

  2. Fist Aid Care Bear Bandages - Case Fist Aid Care Bear Bandages - Case

    1200 for $106.99

    Only 9¢ each

  3. Band-Aid Disney Inside Out Bandages Band-Aid Disney Inside Out Bandages

    20 for $3.99

    Only 20¢ each

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Busy pediatric offices and school health facilities will benefit from our bulk bandage assortments of colorful, fun bandages and Band-Aids at value prices. We have the largest selection of Character Bandages you'll find anywhere. Kids and caregivers love bandages and Band-Aids featuring their favorite cartoon characters and movie icons. Includes: toothbrushes, dental timers, floss and toothpaste.