Show Off Your Best Work!
Mastering the Art of Before and After Photos

Show off your best work! Mastering the art of before and after photos

If one picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the benefits of having both before and after shots. Visual content for marketing purposes is second only to blogging according to a 2016 industry report. And for dentistry, it’s an opportunity to show your patients your level of expertise, your accomplishments and what you can do for them. Go ahead and brag a bit. We’ll show you how!

Invest in the right equipment
You’d never settle for cheap dental tools in your office. Use that same level of integrity when it comes to your camera, lens and flash. Investing in a quality piece of equipment might have some upfront costs, but they’ll quickly show their worth once you roll your photos into your marketing strategy. 

Most DSLR cameras with a rotational flash and diffuser will work for dental shots, but a ring flash is the most popular option to take case study photos. If you don’t know much about photography, or you’re worried about buyer’s remorse, there are stores that sell special dental camera packages and will even let you rent equipment to try before you buy.

Make it a habit with new patients
It’s easy to capture a shot of the finished product. You’re proud of your work, and everyone wants to show off a great smile. But it’s just as important to get a picture of where the patient started when they first came to you. Get in the habit of photographing each new patient, either on their initial visit or after you agree on a course of treatment. Once the treatment is complete, the opportunity for a before shot is over. And you’ll definitely want something to compare your work against to show potential patients what you can do.

Show off your best work! Mastering the art of before and after photosGet up close and personal
A lot of people think that if nothing hurts then everything is fine. It’s one of the reasons they put off going to the dentist in the first place. But your trained eye sees things that the patient doesn’t. So show them. Take high-quality, digital photos during their appointment and put them on a television screen so they can see the issues for themselves. This is especially helpful if a patient is unconvinced or hesitant about receiving treatment. Get them out of the “if it ain’t broke” mindset by showing them proof that there is a problem.

Try a new marketing tool
Humans are visual creatures. In fact, when presented with information accompanied by an image, we remember 65% of what we’ve learned compared to just 10% of information without an image. So why not take advantage of those stats and use this tactic in your marketing strategy? People want to see crowns that look like real teeth and Invisalign success stories. You don’t doubt your abilities, and they won’t either once they see the evidence.

Choose your best before and after images and get creative with how you display them to maximize their effectiveness. Put them on your website or in advertisements. You can post them on your Yelp! page or in your blog. You can even create albums for your waiting room that patients can pick up on their own.

Just remember to include context for your work. Explain the problem and what you did to fix it. Tell an engaging story that patients can relate to, and don’t forget the details.

With a little investment and some great photos, your practice can thrive. Put your best work out there and get ready for new patients!

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