Colorful designs and positive messages available in 2 sizes perfect for every use. End their visit on a high note and keep patients coming back!

Graphic Design Take Home Bags

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  1. Tooth Shaped Bags Tooth Shaped Bags

    100 for $24.99

    Only 25¢ each

  2.  Shining Teeth Bags Shining Teeth Bags
    As low as $28.00

    100 for $28.00

    Only 31¢ each

  3.  Happy Tooth Smile Supply Bags Happy Tooth Smile Supply Bags
    As low as $28.00

    100 for $28.00

    Only 28¢ each

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Professional graphics in a variety of themes and colors make graphic design take home bags a fine choice for your practice. Select the theme or image that matches your office's unique personality.