Make The Most of Your Work Day: 4 Ways to Simplify Things in the Office

Make The Most of Your Work Day: 4 Ways to Simplify Things in the Office

With mounting paperwork, endless phone calls, a full inbox, and giving each patient the attention they deserve, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done. We know the pressure can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing 4 simple ways to simplify your work day!

Prioritize your to-dos
We all have to-do lists. And long or short, sometimes we get things done and sometimes we don’t. “There’s always tomorrow,” we tell ourselves. And then that thing we said we’d do two months ago never gets done. The problem with to-do lists is that they often run out of control. We add and add, and never make time to subtract. Try breaking up your list into three groups:
Make The Most of Your Work Day: 4 Ways to Simplify Things in the Office

  1. Things that need to get done today
  2. Things that need to get done this week
  3. Things that would be nice to get done soon

After the priorities are made clear, tackle at least 3 tasks per day. Three is the magic number because it’s not so many that you’ll get frustrated and burn out, but it’s enough to make an impact.

It’s also important to schedule time to get things done. Block off one hour per day where you don’t see patients, you don’t take phone calls, you don’t do anything except address the tasks on your list. This could mean getting to the office an hour early, staying late, or working from home. Experiment and choose a time when you’re extra productive.

Measure twice, cut once
You’re a medical professional, so you understand what it means to be precise. Take that attitude into your office best practices. Whether you’re optimizing your website’s SEO, triple checking marketing collateral, setting up automated emails, or simply having a staff meeting to make sure everyone knows the drill, it’ll be worth it in the end. Spending a little extra time at the beginning of a task will save you a headache later on. 

Utilize those email features
Email has great features these days to help you stay organized. Let’s say you need to keep an email for reference, but don’t want to crowd your inbox. Create a label, move the email to that label, and store similar messages so they’re all in one place. You can also flag important emails so you know to go back to them later.

And keep prioritizing! You should designate a specific time in the day to go through emails. Unsubscribe from anything you don’t need. If you can do something in less than 5 minutes, address it immediately. Otherwise, prioritize longer projects and save them for later.

Make The Most of Your Work Day: 4 Ways to Simplify Things in the OfficeFrom emails to processes, the more office tasks you can automate, the more time you’ll get back in your day. Office supply orders are a great place to start! Patients love the little perks and rewards that practices hand out at the end of a visit. And now you can take the task of reordering off your plate with Autoship! SmileMakers offers Autoship on hundreds of items and the process is simple:

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