The Importance of Building Your Brand

A strong brand identity helps your practice stand out from the competition and is essential for reaching prospective patients as well as maintaining current patients. The right custom practice marketing products make it easy to present a cohesive brand identity whether participating in special events or sharing a take-home bag after a patient visit.

Tips to Build a Brand Identity

Your practice brand should seamlessly incorporate your name and logo along with any signature images, fonts, and colors that are uniquely your practice. Does your practice have a catchphrase? The catchphrase then becomes part of your brand and can be added to marketing products. The practice's mission statement is a great place to start if you're having difficulty determining your unique voice and vision for a brand identity.

A brand identity needs to be consistent throughout the following:

  • Signage
  • Business cards
  • Patient appointment and reminder cards
  • Loot/goodie bags
  • All practice marketing materials




Use Custom Products to Stand Out

Any dental office can offer patients a new toothbrush after a check-up. Stand out from your local competition by giving custom toothbrushes, floss, and take-home bags. Make sure each item is created specifically for you with your practice name and logo to ensure your brand identity always stands out.

Build your brand at events. Give away custom products like water bottles, mugs, and pens at your table during the local Health Fair or other community event. Make sure your banner, informational postcards, and even balloons have the practice logo to keep your brand identity strong and recognizable.

Are you planning a visit to the local grade school? Organize goodie bags to present to the kids after your talk, each bag imprinted with your brand logo/design and filled with customized items like pencils, toothbrush covers, and toothbrushes. Don't forget to add a travel size toothpaste, timer, and a handy lost tooth holder. They’ll remember your visit and your name!

The sky is the limit when you have quality practice marketing products customized to help build your brand. From toothbrushes to custom stickers and toys, let SmileMakers be your partner in practice.