How to Leave A Lasting Impression After Your Patients Walk Out The Door

After a patient leaves your office, are you sure you’ll see them again?

Practices these days are spending 5-10 times more to get a new patient into the office than they do to retain the ones they already have. Could you be missing one of the simplest methods to reducing costs and increasing revenue, at the door?

Leave An Impression That Brings Them Back
A doctor’s job is never finished--especially at the end of an appointment. If you’re seeing a dip in patient retention, consider the following methods to keep patients coming back for more.


Rejuvenate Your Office
A dull or outdated office sends the message that your practice is not keeping up with modern standards. Even if you provide an excellent level of care, a patient looking at your out-dated office may not feel like they’re truly getting the best experience.

A pleasant, clean environment will make patients more relaxed and set the tone for a positive experience. Adding modern touches to your office such as fun and entertaining wall decals, TVs, or a coffee bar creates an impressive and comfortable environment for new and existing patients to enjoy.

Get More With Giveaways
Most patients have come to expect some sort of small prize or giveaway when they come for an appointment. Prizes and giveaways not only connect your patients to your practice, but for many young patients, they provide the best memory of the entire visit.