One Stop Shop!
How to Consolidate Vendors (and Choose the Right Ones)

You’re busy running your practice. Any time and money you can save while doing that is invaluable. But with so many products to purchase for your office, and so many different vendors to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in the order and reorder cycle – and inevitably blow up your budget. So how do you cut through the clutter, find the right vendors, and consolidate your purchases? Read on and find out!

One stop shop!Find the overlaps
Make a list of your current vendors and all the items you purchase from them. Then figure out where you’re doubling up on supplies, and look for ways to consolidate. Is there something you purchase from one vendor that you could be purchasing from another? Perhaps for less than what you’re spending now? For instance, did you know that SmileMakers, your go-to for children’s giveaways, also carries a full line of dental care products, including Crest, OralB and GUM for patients to take home, and clinical supplies for in-office cleanings, too? It’s easy to lose track and have a supplier for each category of products, but take some time to view your vendors’ full catalog of offerings. 

Get in touch
Contact your current suppliers and let them know you’re looking to consolidate. Vendors want to keep your business. If they know you’re trying to downsize, they’ll work with you on pricing. If you’re an established customer, or have a large order, bulk pricing might be a good avenue to pursue. Even if it’s not advertised, they may have special offers or deals for those who ask. Many companies also have Account Management departments dedicated to finding the best products and pricing for their customers. Consider it the VIP treatment of the vendor world!

Quality over savings
Sometimes you get what you pay for. Just because one vendor carries a similar product doesn’t necessarily mean you should switch. Ask for samples and check quality before making a purchase. It’ll save you time, money, and buyer’s remorse.

One stop shop!Autoship your orders
Taking advantage of Autoship options saves you time and money. With SmileMakers, you select your products, your delivery schedule and enter your credit card information. Just set it and forget it! And if your needs ever change, simply update your order. It’s that simple.

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