Get More, Do Less: How to Simplify Your Purchasing

Get More, Do Less: How to Simplify Your Purchasing

Being in healthcare, you probably joined the industry expecting to spend most of your time caring for patients. Unfortunately, all the other details involved in running a practice can draw your attention away from that purpose. An easy way to eliminate some of the distraction is to consolidate your suppliers. Using a smaller number of vendors, or even just one, has many advantages, and SmileMakers will explain them all here.

Multiple Vendors = More Risk
The old adage of too many irons in the fire is applicable to businesses. When your attention is pulled in multiple directions it becomes a struggle to give 100% to any one thing. Having many different vendors and suppliers, for instance, can be overwhelming. Each involves their own distinct shipping & ordering process and company policies. Their customer service differs, too. The money you may save from the discounts offered by each is negated from the time spent managing the assorted orders.

An increased number of suppliers means an increased chance that something can go wrong. The supply chain has many different associated risks, and the inability to form a personal relationship with so many suppliers makes it harder to resolve issues once they’ve occurred. Here are just a few of the associated risks:

Get More, Do Less: How to Simplify Your Purchasing
  • Capacity risks - At any given time, a vendor could run out of stock or fail to ship by deadline. Imagine if this happens with more than one vendor, or worse, with multiple vendors at the same time.
  • Financial risks - If certain vendors are overseas, exchange rates can fluctuate. Smaller, unestablished businesses run the risk of closing shop, leaving their clients stranded.
  • Management risks - Being unable to establish a solid or consistent rapport with multiple vendors increases the possibility of a poor business relationship.
  • Contractual risks - Not all vendors have the copyright for their products. With smaller vendors, these unlicensed items could be stripped away, preventing them from supplying you with your order.

Choosing to consolidate your suppliers makes these risks less likely to occur.

Quick & Easy Ordering
The whole point of consolidation is to make your life easier. That means being able to order faster, too. With all the products that SmileMakers offers, we realized that our customers needed ways to order exactly what they need quickly.

Get More, Do Less: How to Simplify Your Purchasing
  • Quick Order allows you to type in which products you want and order in just a few short clicks. This takes the hassle and stress out of searching for supplies, and is especially helpful when buying in bulk.
  • Easy Reorder allows returning customers to repeat all or a portion of their previous orders, saving time in searching and adding products to the cart.
  • You can now save your credit card on our secure site for an even quicker check-out.
  • If you order the same products often, Autoship is the way to go. Set up your products and delivery schedule and SmileMakers will do the rest. You can change your order frequency or pause and order at any time!

Save time and money using quick and easy ordering tools!

Quality Rises
While too many vendors can make it difficult to monitor quality, centralizing your orders through one can keep things simple. Receiving all your practice essentials from a single supplier means you only have to address issues, write orders, and pay invoices with one company. It’s easier to return unneeded or ineffective supplies and ensures quality control across the board. The chosen vendor will also work hard to retain your patronage. No one wants to lose a client that exclusively orders their products.

Come to SmileMakers for all your practice essentials!
We cater to multiple healthcare professions and offer everything you need for your practice and patients! And we’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our items along with a 100% price match guarantee!  At SmileMakers, we work hard to get you the items your patients love on time, every time.

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