5 Affordable Solutions to Branding Your Practice

What makes your practice different than any other?

An office with poor brand identity won’t be able to answer. Without branding to set your practice apart, patients see the difference in your price instead of your care. To build your brand, grow your practice, and retain more patients, follow this simple branding guide for your practice.

1 .Stay True To Your Mission.

If your branding is inconsistent, you might actually be losing money by confusing your patients. Is your practice technology-forward but you have a dated website? Do you promise convenient hours but keep patients waiting?

Good brand identity creates a consistent message. Sit down with your team to ask what your brand means to them. What do you stand for? What do you do better than anyone else? How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? Defining your brand will drive the greatest impact in your marketing efforts, from your website down to your business cards.

2.Identify Opportunity And Waste.
After defining your core message as a practice, you’ll start to notice areas where your message fails to connect. Do you advertise as family-friendly but offer nothing to entertain kids? Are your new patient specials only attracting one-time patients?

Drive out the waste by eliminating features that don’t make sense to your practice, and seek opportunities to align your practice with your target patient.

3. Center Your Communication.
Are you taking advantage of patient communication tools, such as personalized recall cards, take-home bags, or dental kits? Patients will come to recognize your credibility and reputation through the messages you provide. Don’t lose track of implementing your message in everything you do.

4. Focus Your Patient Experience.
It’s your patients who will define you in the community. When they talk about your practice, will they echo your mission statement? Will their experience make their friends want to see you? Ensure that your patients have a good experience that is worth sharing by focusing your efforts in your office around your patients’ needs. Add a juice or coffee bar or offer free bottles of water. Give nervous pediatric patients a fidget toy to hold and play with before their visit to occupy their minds. Simple, inexpensive changes can make a huge difference!

5. Put Your Brand On Display.
Now that you have defined your brand identity, developed a core message, and tailored that message to your target patient, you’re ready to brag. How will you show that your practice is unique? Credible? Worth seeing for a lifetime?

Small details leave a lasting impression. Is your practice looking dull? Spruce it up with easy, themed wall decor that doesn’t break the bank. Coordinate your giveaways with your new decor for a lasting impression. Imprinted patient essentials like lip balm and toothbrushes are always great ways to keep your name in front of patients after their visit. . When it’s time for a checkup, send out a recall card that doesn’t just speak to patients--but speaks to you.

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What Do You Have To Gain?
Building your brand has many tangible benefits! As you may know by your own brand-name shopping habits, people tend to spend more on products with higher perceived quality. There’s also less perceived risk: a brand they know is a brand they trust. It’s also a brand they are more likely to talk about with their friends and family!

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