Finding the Right Pediatric Prizes: SmileMakers Staff Picks

Finding the Right Pediatric Prizes: SmileMakers Staff Picks

Trying to find the right toys for your pediatric practice can be daunting. There’s so much variety when it comes to child-friendly toys, and it’s hard to know what will work with your patients. At SmileMakers, we’ve worked with thousands of practices to offer toys that are perfectly suited for every pediatric patient, all while being affordable and accessible. Our SmileMakers Associates have put a lot of time into ensuring that we only offer helpful, engaging products for your practice. Every one of our associates has a favorite toy! We asked a few to tell us about theirs.

Linda Murphy - Smile Specialist:
TOY436 - Cell Phone Water Games
Why do you love this toy? “While it may seem like a simple toy, it serves a dual purpose. The water game inside the toy is its own small puzzle-solving game and the cell phone itself can be used as a prop for whatever game the children may dream up. It’s basically two toys in one.”

Why is this toy perfect for kids? Children love to emulate adults, especially their parents. Since cell phones have become such a meaningful part of daily activities, this is one of those toys which children could use on a daily basis to great effect. Not only do they enjoy owning a “cell phone” like their parents, they also can get absorbed by the game inside the phone. The water puzzle inside the toy is uncomplicated but hard to master, and will hold their attention longer than you’d expect. These are an easy bulk order, too. You never have to worry about running out of stock.

Finding the Right Pediatric Prizes: SmileMakers Staff Picks

Wendy Smally - Smile Specialist:
TOY1963 - Mini Pig Squeakers
Why do you love this toy? “These toys have everything that pediatric patients love. They’re some of the cutest little squishy piglets with bright colors and a simple design. Most importantly, when they are squeezed, they let out an adorable piggy squeal. Who doesn’t love an affordable, adorable, well-made squeaky toy?”

Why is this toy perfect for kids? Squeaky toys, in general, are very popular among younger patients. The cheerful squeaks both easily attract the attention of children and keep them occupied with the squeezing motion. Between the cute pig-shaped design and vibrant colors, you’re guaranteed to have a hit on your hands. It’s safe, simple, and fun to use for infants.

Angelica Taber - Business Development Associate:
TOY992 - Moustache Temporary Tattoos
Why do you love this toy? “The list of gifts that are fun for all ages may be very short, but these moustaches definitely make that list. They’re small and easy to carry around for any event or function that might require a little silliness. The set that we provide comes in both pink and black, and have a number of festive designs, too. I have used these at family events, and they’re a hit!”

Why is this toy perfect for kids? These aren’t your ordinary fall-off-your-face fake moustaches. Perfect for “finger moustaches”, each temporary tattoo will last for a full day of play and has the perfect amount of absurdity to keep your pediatric patients entertained. The tattoos are made to be shared and enjoyed by brothers, sisters and parents, too. Who doesn't want to see what they’d look like with facial hair? Don’t be surprised if you’re running out of stock sooner than you thought as these are favorites for all ages.

Kimmie Green - Account Manager:
TOY806 - Growing Tropical Fish
Finding the Right Pediatric Prizes: SmileMakers Staff Picks Why do you love this toy? “This is one of those toys that has a good shelf-life and many children hold onto it as a keepsake. It’s not just some toy that a child would take home and lose right away. Water has to be added before the fish will even begin to grow. Most kids have never seen a toy like this before, which is why it’s one of my favorites.”

Why is this toy perfect for kids? If you’re tired of mainstream, conventional pediatric toys, these growing fish break the mold and require diligence and alertness to be truly appreciated. It may not be a real pet, but the Growing Tropical Fish has many of the same lessons about responsibility and patience. It’s a unique reward that can capture the imagination of any child. This toy is perfect for those young patients who think they’ve seen it all.

Dora Bowman - Smile Specialist:
TOY94 - Whoopee Cushions
Why do you love this toy? “Why do I love this toy? It’s a Whoopee Cushion! (TOOT TOOT)”

Why is this toy perfect for kids? The best toys are the ones that can provide entertainment for the whole family. Whoopee cushions are a tried and true method to get a laugh, especially with kids. There’s a reason why these gifts have never gone out of style. Whoopee cushions are naturally mischievous and the source of many child-like pranks. They’re a fun addition to your practice, but watch out; you never know when you might find one on your seat!