Spread smiles - not germs - with a capsule toy vending program.

Affordable, easy, and sanitary rewards are just a few steps away.

Step 1: Pick Your Machine

Which machine size is best for you? Start with your practice size and patient volume.

Small practice or only see a few pediatric patients?
Check out our Compact and Classic Plus machines.

Large pediatric practice or really want to stand out from your competition?
The Colossal Machine is the way to go.

Create a prize wall by putting multiple Stacked Machines side by side and finish with a Reward Zone Decal.

Step 2: Pick Your Accessories

Where will you place your machine?
Look at the layout of your office and decide what works for you. Many practices use their vending machines at or near the checkout desk.
If counter space is at a premium, try our Two Shelf Vending Machine Stand.

Tip: Don't forget the tokens. SmileMakers Capsule Vending Machines only accept SmileMakers Great Patient Tokens.

Step 3: Pick Your Toys

What are your patients' favorite prizes?
Will you fill your machine with one kind of toy or a selection? Do you have a price per prize in mind? We can help with that too! We have a variety of single themed, mixes, character toys, and price points starting as low as 21c per prize!
Check out our variety of capsule toys.

Tip: Don't see the toys you want in capsules? Check out our toys that fit in 2" capsules and create your own unique capsule prizes using our empty capsule options.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Fast shipping and guaranteed satisfaction are hallmarks of SmileMakers.
Your capsule toy rewards program will be up and running in no time! Then just sit back and watch the smiles roll in!

Have questions? Check out our Vending Machine FAQs or give us a call!


Want an even easier and more affordable way to setup a vending program?
Check out AutoSmiles!

Tip: Sign up for AUTOSHIP and never run out of your capsule toys. We'll send the toys you select on the schedule you choose and bill you when your order ships!