Balancing Quality and Pricing
Bulk Purchasing Without Losing Product Quality

Balancing Quality and Pricing: Bulk Purchasing Without Losing Product Quality

Running a successful practice involves far more than simply being a good doctor. But chances are that you didn’t minor in business, so related details are often learned on-the-job or through the advice of friends or family. Sometimes, that advice includes untruths or half-truths that can hurt your business in the long run. One such misnomer is that you should never buy in bulk if you’re looking for quality products. There’s a belief that larger orders that generate lower prices also equate to a lower quality. However, this isn’t inherently true. In this article, SmileMakers deconstructs the assumptions surrounding bulk orders.

Plain and simple, bulk orders do not always mean lower quality.
There’s a stigma that quality products cannot be bought in bulk, or that exclusivity equates to superiority. But this isn’t always true. There’s a good reason the product is available in such quantities. It’s popular! As the demand for these items increases, so does the supply. The supplier creates bulk products in response to the demand, and in turn, their clients trust them for an assurance of quality.

Balancing Quality and Pricing: Bulk Purchasing Without Losing Product Quality

With the rise of online retailers, products now have reviews to confirm the quality. If the product does not pass your own eye-test or the prevalent opinion, you can search for higher quality elsewhere. With reviews, buying in bulk never requires a sacrifice in quality.

Here are a few other benefits to bulk orders:

  1. Negating price mark-ups on individual and partially grouped items.
  2. Avoiding the need for frequent orders and multiple shipment costs.
  3. Consistency in the quality of your stock.

Stay prepared with bulk buys.
Bulk orders are also more convenient and ensure your inventory won’t suddenly deplete. While it’s true that certain items don’t warrant a bulk purchase, this is the exception, not the rule. Food-based products and candy may eventually degrade, but most dental supplies and practice essentials are durable. Any excess you order is surplus, available for later use.

Balancing Quality and Pricing: Bulk Purchasing Without Losing Product Quality

As the quantity grows, so do the savings.
Not only is it more expensive to buy stock a little at a time, it’s more work for a supplier to sell separately. Suppliers will mark down prices on bulk because it makes distribution easier. It’s possible to save thousands of dollars a year if you take advantage of these deals. SmileMakers offers many bulk purchasing options which can result in savings of upwards of 20% off retail list price. If you’re willing to search, you will find savings across the board.

At SmileMakers, we never sacrifice quality!
Our bulk and case quantities are the same great products packaged to save you money. Plus, you can save even more when you Buy More Save More on custom recall cards, take-home bags, and toothbrushes. Check out the many ways to save at


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