Calm · Distract · Reward

New AR Interactive Cards take the focus off of treatments and put it onto fun!

Create magical moments when you calm & distract in the office!
Then send home as an AR enabled reward!

Studies have shown that augmented reality in distraction therapy reduces anxiety and the perception of pain for short procedures. Simple and easy-to-use, just scan the card with a SpellBound app equipped device to activate the experience. Then play a favorite sports game or interact with a friendly sea creature!

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How do healthcare professionals use Augmented Reality with their patients?

  • Emergency Medicine: easy-to-use distraction for urgent procedures
  • Pediatrics: IV starts, pokes, EEG or sleep study prep
  • Orthopedics: motivation for rehabilitation exercises
  • Pre-op or Post-op: distraction and anxiety management
  • Oncology: Port access, anxiety management for infusions
  • Outpatient Facilities: Reduce anxiety during exams and send home as post-visit rewards
  • Relationship Building: exciting and fun tech that helps break the ice with patients

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What are professionals saying about the importance of Augmented Reality and play therapy in healthcare?

"I have learned, most importantly, that play is not always in happy moments, but also in devastating times. It replaces the words children and families cannot express. It can be used to help children and families cope while facing the trials of life." 

- Child Life Specialist, Michigan

"Finding "fun" in the hospital with patients is always fun. Same with watching how the children gain strength and just try to be who they are, even in the toughest moments in their life. Just being there and being able to support in that moment is really precious." 

- Child Life Specialist, Japan

"Removing the perception that the hospital is a scary place can change that into a positive experience. Most medical staff will come into the room and only talk to the parents, and the kids feel "invisible." Now, here's something to play with."

- Child Life Specialist, Texas

"Bringing childhood back to the children in the hospital."

- Child Life Specialist, California

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