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Waiting Room Toys for Kids

Shop at SmileMakers to find the toys your waiting patients deserve! Turn a wait into an adventure with fun and exciting waiting room toys!

Shop the wide selection of waiting room items available at SmileMakers!

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Choose from activity cubes, individual toys, and puzzles, practice-themed furniture, and everything in-between! SmileMakers has toys perfect for any girl or boy. With waiting room toys for kids from SmileMakers, your little patients will be begging to stay and play just a little while longer.

Browse the variety of medical and dental waiting room toys and choose the perfect entertainment for your practice's waiting area!

Dental & Medical Waiting Room Toys for Kids

Customize your waiting room to your practice. With SmileMakers waiting room toys for kids, you can choose toys that celebrate your professional industry, including:

Tooth Table & Chairs: Show kids that teeth can be fun with a tooth activity table and complimenting dental chairs. This toy will be the focus of your waiting room with its bright colors and smiling characters.

Giant Giggle Mirror: Lead your patients to the waiting room giggle mirror to teach them how funny your body can be! Kids will laugh as they watch their healthy bodies transform into funny shapes and sizes.

Tooth Treasure Chest:: Let your young patients choose their dental prize out of a big tooth treasure chest! Reward them for being so well-behaved during their appointment with one of the toys from this plastic chest.

Choosing the right waiting room toys for kids can be tricky, but with SmileMakers, it's easy to find what you're looking for. Enjoy smiles from your patients with waiting room toys from SmileMakers!