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Treasure Chest Gifts

Reward your star pupil, brave patient, or nervous child with a treasure chest gift! These treasure chest prizes are perfect for boys and girls with a variety of interests. Choose from learning tools, fun dental games, toys, animals, and much more.

Check out the variety of SmileMakers treasure chest gifts that are perfect for every occasion!

Shop the wide selection of treasure chests available at SmileMakers!

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Assorted Toys for Treasure Chests

From plush animals to basketballs, tooth figurines to bouncy balls, and everything in-between, SmileMakers treasure chests come with a variety of prizes and refills. They are the perfect addition to any home or office, including:

Dental Office:Let your brave patient know you care by allowing them to choose from the treasure chest! Kids will look forward to their next dental appointment!

Medical Facility: Show your patient they did great by rewarding them with treasure chest gifts after their next check-up! You're guaranteed a smile every time!

Classroom: Reward your best student - or the one that tried their hardest - when you send them to choose a prize from the treasure chest!

Shop for assorted treasure chests or treasure chest prizes from SmileMakers! In addition to treasure chests, SmileMakers also has many other fun kids items, including bulk stickers, dental toys for kids, cool pencils, waiting room toys, and more!