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Toy Treasure Chest

SmileMakers has the perfect toy treasure chest for kids to add to their playroom, your office's waiting room, or the corner of your classroom. SmileMakers provides a variety of choices to accommodate you, including:

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Featured Items

Plastic Treasure Chest: If you're looking to fill your chest with bigger toys, you'll want to look at a plastic treasure chest. SmileMakers plastic chests are durable and portable!

Cardboard Treasure Chest: Place these on the edge of your reception desk or at your stations. These treasure chests are conveniently sized to fit anywhere!

Inflatable Treasure Chest: Perfect for the playroom or stage prop, this inflatable toy treasure chest looks like it has just been stolen from the pirates of the sea!

Treasure Chests & Prizes for Kids

Many of our treasure chests come filled with prizes, but you will need to stock up on the giveaways once you let kids get their hands on your toy treasure chest! Build your stock of treasure chest prizes by shopping value refills, or create your own variety with character stickers, dental pencils, and other giveaways for kids. Order in bulk amounts for the greatest value and best variety!

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