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Treasure Chests, Kids Stuff, & Dental Giveaways

From cardboard to plastic treasure chests, kids stuff to dental giveaways for children and adults, SmileMakers has everything you need to create the ideal prize station!

Don't let any of your patients walk away without treasure chest prizes from your office. Reward your best brushers with customized toothbrushes, or let your well-behaved children choose a gift from the treasure chest of kids stuff. When you use SmileMakers to get all your dental giveaways, your patients will leave your office wearing their freshly clean smile!

Shop the wide selection of treasure chests available at SmileMakers!

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Dental Toys & Prizes for Kids

SmileMakers has the widest selection of dental and medical products, promotional items, and children's toys to fill your treasure chest full of kids stuff. Browse through our assortment of:

Kids stickers in bulk

Personalized toothbrushes

Brushing Timers and Custom Magnets

Super Balls and Bouncy Balls

Treasure chest prizes

Dental toys

Take a look at our variety of kids items and choose the ones that best represent you, your practice, and your patients. Smiles are guaranteed when you shop SmileMakers assorted treasure chest prizes!