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Tooth Stickers for Kids

Send your next patient home with a smile wearing tooth stickers from SmileMakers! Reward kids for a job well done in the dentist chair with a dental sticker from your practice. From SpongeBob to Dora, braces to a loose tooth, SmileMakers has tooth stickers for kids that come in a variety of designs!

Shop the wide selection of Dental stickers available at SmileMakers!

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Patient Reward Stickers

Tooth stickers from SmileMakers are sure to brighten the day of any patient! Whether stuck to a shirt or included as a prize in a dental goodie bag, these dental stickers will make everyone smile. Some popular themes include:

Fluoride: Remind your patient to wait 30 minutes to eat with a reminder sticker!

Brushing: Another friendly reminder to brush and floss twice a day!

Make your own: Let your patients have a little more fun by decorating their own dental sticker!

Don't forget to smile: Tell your patients to show off those pearly whites with a smile sticker!

Along with tooth stickers for kids, SmileMakers has recall cards, take home bags, dental pencils, and more of what you need for a successful practice! For the ultimate value, look at ordering in bulk, but whatever the case, your practice will benefit from our wide variety of practice building tools.

Take a look at the dental supplies, including dental pencils, and tooth stickers for kids, available from SmileMakers!