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Teacher Stickers

Every young mind needs to be encouraged, and stickers are a fun and cost-effective way to show students that they did a nice job. From acing an exam, to helping others, teacher stickers from SmileMakers are a smart reward choice.

Teaching supplies can be a major expense, but with SmileMakers products, you can expect value, high quantity, and selection. Choose from "star student", "I did my best," and "good job" to fit the occasion, and order small, large or medium stickers in bulk. Browse the customizable teacher stickers or take a look at the other custom options to attach a personal feel to your classroom.

No matter the classroom occasion, SmileMakers has teacher stickers to match!

Shop the wide selection of classroom items available at SmileMakers!

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Reward Stickers for Teachers

Every avenue is covered when it comes to student reward stickers. Use your teacher's eye to choose from the following variety:

Subject Stickers: Order teacher stickers related to specific school subjects such as language arts, math, reading, and history. Encourage the developing speller, celebrate 100 Day, or designate a star student for the day. You can get as specific or general as you like with these subject teacher stickers.

Reward Stickers: Earning stickers can be another fun classroom game. Whether you're posting them on bulletin boards or attaching them to a t-shirt, reward stickers for kids are always a treat.

Teacher's Favorites Stickers: Add a little personal flare to your classroom methods by choosing your favorite animal or frequently spoken phrase on a sticker. Students always remember the teacher that used some out-of-the-box sayings or the one that loved cats so much they showed up everywhere!

Whether you want to order 10 teacher stickers or 10,000, SmileMakers can accommodate you. You can order in small or bulk, roll or sheet, and our website displays frequent web specials, promotions and discounts. Value is our specialty.

Personalize Stickers

Attach a more personal feel by ordering custom teacher stickers. Custom stickers give you the opportunity to add your name or your student's name to the set of stickers. Start every school year off gifting your students a set of stickers made just for them, or stock your drawer with these personalized giveaways.

Along with teacher stickers, SmileMakers carries educational games, classroom decor, learning pocket charts, and more. We are your one-stop-shop for teaching supplies. Take a moment to browse our variety of educational products. You're ensured a smile from every student with giveaways from SmileMakers!