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Sticky Toys for Kids

If you're looking for a unique, non-messy toy for kids, search no further! Sticky toys are the perfect kids toy, and SmileMakers has them in a variety of different colors and designs! Throw it and watch it stick to the window or surface, then peel the toy off and see there are no sticky marks left behind!

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Assorted Toys for Kids

SmileMakers has a huge variety of each of the following categories of sticky toys for kids:

Stick & Pull Items: These items are attached to sticky, stretchy cords, allowing you to throw the sticky object and pull to have it come back to you! You're in for lots of laughs with these toys!

Toss & Stick Objects: Choose from alligators, fish or a strongman, these sticky toys come ready to throw without any sort of connecting cord. Throw at a window or mirror and the object will stick until you remove it. This is a perfect prank toy for any skittish friend!

Stretchy Toys: Watch these objects stretch your entire arm length without breaking! Pull and stretch these toys, and when you let go they'll return to their original size!

Shop the incredible variety of sticky toys for kids! SmileMakers also offers assorted dental toys, treasure chest prizes, bulk stickers and more.