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Stickers for Teachers & Students

One of the most effective teaching tools is the gift of laughter. With our selection of stickers for teachers and education professionals, we equip you with the tools to create that special moment with your pupils! Order bulk teacher supplies and stickers today, and stock your classroom with the affordable rewards that kids love.

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Available in many education themes, including math, reading, and more - select your teacher stickers for kids from the following categories:

Birthday Stickers for Parties: When it's a child's birthday, settling for cheap stickers won't get the job done. Go the extra mile on this special day with help from SmileMakers! Our stickers for teachers are the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of child in your classroom. Great for boys and girls of all ages, these teacher stickers allow you to turn each birthday party into a memorable experience!

Make-Your-Own Stickers: Help kids cooperate and get to know each other easier with personalized stickers! Easily adhesive and very stylish, our personalized stickers give you plenty of room to be creative! Make them smile. Help them meet new friends. Accelerate learning in group projects. Stock your classroom with these teacher stickers and supplies, and unlock special moments between you and your young minds!

Motivational Stickers in Bulk: All children need a word of encouragement from time to time. Featuring inspirational messages that fuel learning, our selection of stickers for teachers creates a positive classroom environment. Motivate your class. Make them feel special. Do all of this and more, with stickers and teacher supplies from SmileMakers.

Teacher Supplies, Stickers, & Smiles!

Like you, we know that the most successful lessons end with a happy child. Brighten the lives of special children in your community today. At SmileMakers, improving the wellness of children around the world is our goal. As a school teacher or home instructor, you share that same commitment. With bulk stickers and many other teaching supplies, get can get your products express delivered today by enrolling in a school-year of fun with SmileMakers!