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Small Tooth Stickers

Every boy and girl will walk out your doors wearing a smile when you give away SmileMakers dental stickers! At SmileMakers, you will find big and small tooth stickers, brushing reminders and reward stickers - we have it all! Don't let your star patient walk away without a sticker to remind them of their visit.

Shop the wide selection of Dental stickers available at SmileMakers!

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Dental Stickers for Kids

Dental stickers are the perfect way to reward your patient after a long appointment. Stock up on stickers by ordering in bulk, or get a smaller amount with a sticker sampler. Every kid will leave your chair smiling if they're wearing SmileMakers tooth stickers! Pass out the smiles with:

Reward Stickers: From "I lost a tooth!" to "I was brave!" and "My smile is fresh!" SmileMakers dental stickers are the perfect reward for your young patient!

Peel-n-Stick Appointment Cards: Whether you're reminding your patients of their next appointment or to wait 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment, these small tooth stickers are a convenient tool for you and your patient!

Samplers: Let your patients choose their tooth sticker with a SmileMakers dental sticker sampler!

Along with small tooth stickers, SmileMakers offerspersonalized toothbrushes, dental pencils, dental recall cards and more items for your dental practice! Shop now!