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Small Plastic Treasure Chest

To add a little fun and flare to your office or classroom, find the treasure chest for kids right for your needs from SmileMakers! Fill it with kids toys and end each appointment with a smile. If you're using it in the classroom, fill the chest with prizes to reward your students.

Show your patients or students you care with a small plastic treasure chest full of prizes! With the SmileMakers variety, there's something for everyone.

Shop the wide selection of treasure chests available at SmileMakers!

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Treasure Chest for Kids

Whether you're shopping for a cardboard chest to sit on your receptionists desk, a treasure chest full of prizes, or just a small plastic treasure chest to fill yourself, SmileMakers has what you're looking for!

Dental Practice: Place the treasure chest in your waiting room or in each hygienists room to reward your dental patients!

Pediatricians Office: Bring your office to life with a small plastic treasure chest! Fill it with toys in the waiting room or use it for giveaways in your medical exam room.

Classroom: Give your students another chance to shine when they choose a fun prize out of the treasure chest! Creative incentives make learning fun!

SmileMakers offers a variety of treasure chest prizes, including dental refills, girl/boy refills, and a school bus treasure chest refill. Every boy and girl will walk away with a smile after choosing a prize from your offices small plastic treasure chest!