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Motivational Pencil Sampler

MOTIV - Motivational Pencil Sampler


QTY: $35.99

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5.05 out of 5
By: Cindy Rosser, Smile Scholar
January 15, 2014
Motivational Pencil Sampler

Teaching allows me the opportunity to sample several different brand of pencils, and I can assure you - all pencils are not created equal. These #2 pencils are made from a strong wood that allows for easy sharpening. The coverings did not peel off and get stuck in the sharpener. Sometimes you purchase pencils only to discover that the erasers have a hard coating over them and leave a residue when use. The erasers on these pencils were soft and did their job smoothly. The motivational sayings are great and will work well during SBA testing. The pencils come all mixed together (it is sampler after all) and so i separated them using rubber bands in order to utilize them easily in my classroom. If you are looking for some high quality motivational pencils, then this sampler is just what you are looking for.

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