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Spike Balls

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  • TOY906 - Spike Smiley Guys
    36 for $20.99
  • 3SK - Super Ball/Spike Ball Bundle
    98 balls for $34.99
  • Blinking Spike Bouncing Balls
    24 for $26.99
  • Spike Figure Value Pack
    200 toys for $53.99
  • Spike Leprechauns
    36 for $18.99
  • 72 Spike Balls with Antlers
    72 for $17.99
  • HOL24 - Halloween Spike Monsters
    36 for $11.39
  • Spike Easter Eggs
    36 for $8.99
  • SKB - Spike Balls
    50 for $16.99
  • SKFG - Spike Frogs
    36 for $19.99
  • SPIK - Spike Sampler
    146 toys for $67.99
  • SPK38 - Spike Zoo Animals
    24 for $16.99
  • Spike Blowfish Squirters
    24 for $21.99
results: 1 - 13 of 13
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Let the Good Times Roll...or Bounce!
Think back to your childhood: What was the highlight of being a good sport when your pediatrician gave you a shot or when the dentist deemed that you'd done a great job of brushing and flossing? Did you say a trip to the "treasure box" to choose a bouncing ball, sticker, bracelet, toy or the like? Kids love it when their good behavior and habits are rewarded with small toys and trinkets and our toy balls are a favorite with both girls and boys. They offer hours of screen-free physically-active playtime which is sure to bring a smile to the parents as well as the kids.

Toy Balls Galore
At SmileMakers, we're pleased to be able to help you stock your practice's office treasure box with a wide variety of goodies, all at affordable prices. Whether you're just now adding toy balls to your box, or are replenishing them because they're so popular, we have a great selection to choose from. Our Bouncing Balls come in dozens of styles from dinosaurs to smiley faces; we have Stress Balls & Toys shaped like sports balls and fruits; colorful Squeeze Balls with faces, whimsical Spike Balls that look like farm and zoo animals; Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncing balls that look like the night sky, Novelty Balls with fun features like hair, and Bouncing Ball Samplers that offer an assortment at rock-bottom prices. Kids will bounce on home, proud to share their success with their family, and demonstrate how their glow-in-the-dark bouncing ball looks in the dark closet or to see just how far super bouncy balls can travel!

Contact us today to request a free catalog, or shop online at any time. Along with excellent customer service that will make you smile, when you place an order by 3 PM EST, your order will be shipped that very day.