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Classroom Keepers Management Center

TCH1302 - Classroom Keepers Management Center


QTY: $9.20

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4.04 out of 5
By: Pamela Baxley - Smile Scholar
June 27, 2014
Classroom Keepers Management Center

This is a great way to organize materials for the classrooms. I have a binder and Teacher Edition as well as materials for my Guided Reading Groups on the shelves. The small cubbies allow me to keep sticky notes, pens, and pencils close at hand. The only draw back to the center was the assembly process. I found the center difficult to put together and the directions were not easy to follow. As a result, I did not have full access to one of the shelves. However, even with this small inconvenience, I use this center every day, and as a smile scholar, I would highly recommend this product to any one needing the organization in their classroom.

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