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Writing Center

CFT1309 - Writing Center


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  • Ages 3 and up

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5.05 out of 5
By: Pamela Baxley, Smile Scholar
March 4, 2014
Writing Center CFT1309

This well designed set contains two storage boxes that can be used to outfit your writing center easily. The largest box has several partitions to hold different types of writing paper. My students enjoy using different types of lined and unlined paper, as well as scraps of colored paper for cards or lists. The other storage box comes outfitted multiple markers, crayons, colored pencils. The students are anxious to try this set out, but can only do this when ready to publish, so it is very motivating. I use this center as part of the rotations my student choose when doing the Daily 5. They are able to choose to go to this center each day, and most of my students do choose to go each day, so they can publish more often. I also place writing prompts, word walls, and other writing helps at this center to support their writing. I am a SmileScholar and I really use this product each day in my class.

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