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Character Pencil Sampler

PLIC - Character Pencil Sampler


QTY: $79.99

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5.05 out of 5
By: Cindy Rosser, Smile Scholar
May 5, 2014
Hooray for Character Pencils!

How do you get a class of kids excited about turning in their reading slips? You show them the Character Pencils they can earn. When I sat with the children and explained how the Character Pencils would be part of the rewards they could earn just by reading; a cheer went up. We looked through the pencils and the children's oohs and ahhs were followed by - "I gotta get me one of these!" I could say "nuff said", but these are not just a cutesy pencil. They are of very high quality wood. The erasers work great and don't fall out when in use. The pencils sharpen easily and write smoothly. I am definitely putting these on my yearly MUST HAVE list for my class!

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