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Care Band™ Case Fashion Bandages

BAN178C - Case Fashion Bandages


QTY: $97.99
  • Individually wrapped

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5.05 out of 5
By: Cindy Rosser, Smile Scholar
March 4, 2014
Got an Owie? We got you covered!

As a mother of 8, grandmother of 19 and teacher of 25 years - I have seen my share of band-aids. What I wished I had known was how good these band-aids were. Easy to open (an option that is important when you need it in a hurry) and gentle to the injury. I thought I would try one myself to see how it would last through the day. I put it on a finger that I use often - so it would have to be able to bend without pinching. Also, I took it off once and then put it back on to see if it would still stick. I was pleasantly surprised that in both instances the band-aid performed well. I never felt constricted. Even after having been removed and then reattached, the band-aid stayed on all day! That and it looked cool! I would definitely recommend these band-aids for home and professional use.

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