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Reward Stickers for Kids

Make your classroom a happy learning environment with stickers for kids from SmileMakers. Make them feel special. Recognize their achievement. Most of all - bring a smile to the little ones in your life with our complete line of reward stickers. Whether in the classroom or at home, tell them 'good job' with bulk reward stickers that feature their favorite characters and many dynamic designs that are made to please!

Shop the wide selection of stickers available at SmileMakers!

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Affordable Kids Stickers

Stock your classroom or home with an order of bulk kids stickers from SmileMakers. As your one-stop shop for the designs and graphics that kids love, we prepare you to hand-out smiles each day. Browse our complete selection of reward stickers for boys and girls, including:

Assorted Stickers: The smart, cost-saving option from SmileMakers, assorted bulk stickers turn frowns upside down! Don't just settle for one style of sticker. With our huge selection, you can find something for everyone's personal taste by shopping our selection of reward stickers.

Character Stickers: From Disney characters to their favorite cartoon heroes, character stickers from SmileMakers are popular with children of all ages. Trade, mix-and-match, enjoy - character stickers make the perfect reward for a special child that made you smile!

Kids Birthday Stickers: It's no secret that's everyone loves a birthday celebration. Kids birthday stickers are a gift straight from the heart. Give the little ones in your classroom and home a reason to smile this year! Pair our kids birthday stickers with presents and a party to create a festive atmosphere. Recognize the little ones in your life on their big day, all with help from SmileMakers!

Bulk Reward Stickers at SmileMakers

Affordable, stylish, heartfelt - share a special moment with a child by giving them a reward sticker from SmileMakers. Good grades, athletic achievement, trying their best - there are many reasons for showing a child that you're proud of them! With reward stickers for kids from SmileMakers, you're always ready to celebrate their personal growth or milestone - no matter how small or large.