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Recall Cards for Patients & Kids

At SmileMakers, we know that people's busy lives sometimes put medical, dental, and eye care on the back-burner. That's why we supply you with custom recall cards that flatter as they remind visitors that it's time for a check-up. Help your practice thrive with return business from your loyal patients through these affordable, stylish products.

Shop the wide selection of recall cards available at SmileMakers!

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Custom Recall Cards at SmileMakers

As a parting gift, or given as they arrive, our recall cards are sure to impress. Stocked with smile-making products for your industry, SmileMakers helps your bottom-line and spreads your good name. Browse our extensive selection of custom recall cards that successful office managers trust:

Custom Recall Cards: Imprint a personalized message that connects with your patients, young and old. With updated graphics and many themes to choose from, SmileMakers gives you creative control. Recall cards allow patients to look forward to their next visit!

Medical Recall Cards: A stack of medical recall cards from SmileMakers promotes healthy living, while reminding patients that you appreciate their loyalty. Stylish and informational - our recall cards connect with adults, as well as boys and girls of all ages. Instill an appreciation for good life choices in your visitors by ordering from SmileMakers.

Eye Care Recall Cards: These recall cards feature tips for taking care of your eyes, many charming themes, and characters that kids love. You don't need 20/20 vision to see that these eye care products are stunning!

Orthodontic Recall Cards: Perfect for orthodontists, hygienists, and dentists - recalls cards from SmileMakers keep your practice fresh in the minds of patients. Impress children and adults with your professional approach to keeping them healthy. Imprint the contact information of your practice, so your clients are sure to find your business when they need quality care!

Pediatric Recall Cards: Make children healthier and feel special after they leave your office, thanks to interactive recall cards from SmileMakers. Our products not only have the dynamic graphics that kids love, but also provide a fun activity to occupy their minds. With mazes, puzzles, and other games - these appointment cards for doctors create the patient-centered experience you've been looking for!

Remind, Impress, Smile!

Show patients young and old that check-ups can be more than routine! They can also be fun with help from SmileMakers. By encouraging your visitors to keep tabs on their health, you help prevent issues becoming more serious. Not only will patients appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they'll also be more likely to tell friends and family about your practice. Jump-start your business today, and spread good cheer with custom recall cards from SmileMakers.