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Promotional Items for Kids

Whether you're promoting your practice, unifying your school, or catering to group of kids, custom promotional items will make kids feel special! Choose from an assortment of dental or classroom toys, cool pencils, temporary tattoos for kids, and practice-building tools, such as promotional toothbrushes.

SmileMakers has the products you need to create the best promotional items for kids, and you'll find the perfect gifts for any boy and girl! Take a look!

Shop the wide selection of custom items available at SmileMakers!

Featured Items

Custom Toothbrushes, Toys, & Tattoos

Go the extra mile with these promotional items for kids, and you'll create a sense of ownership and fun! Kids need extra attention every once in awhile, so shop some of these items:

Custom Toothbrushes: Customize toothbrushes for your dental practice! Promotional toothbrushes are available in child and adult sizes.

Custom Toys: Get your childs name or school on kids toys, such as crayons, stress balls, and dog tags.

Custom Temporary Tattoos: Personalize temporary tattoos to include your schools mascot and school name!

Custom Pencils: Find a huge variety of custom pencils to personalize for your patients or students!

All of these items, and more, can be customized for your personal or professional use! Show your children, patients, or students you care with promotional items for kids. Make them feel special when you present them with a personalized product just for them!