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Kids Dental Education Teeth

Featured Kids Dental Education Teeth

Kids Dental Education: Teeth, Charts, & Models

Teaching kids oral health care seems like a huge task - but with dental education tools from SmileMakers, kids dental education, teeth brushing, flossing, and general care is made easy!

Keep it simple: When teaching kids about dental care, it's important to explain things in a simple way. SmileMakers has the tools that make learning about tooth anatomy easy! With these tools, you can point out the parts of the tooth kids need to focus on taking care of or explain a procedure with ease.

Make it fun: Encourage kids to care about their teeth by using tools such as the SmileMakers tooth brushing chart to reward kids! These charts come with days of the week, and encourage consistent brushing with trade-in opportunities for prizes - such as dental stickers or toys out of the treasure chest! With kids dental education tools from SmileMakers, improving kids teeth, gums, and mouth is simple!

Dental Puppets
Inspire young patients
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Lip Balm
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Dental Toys, Stickers, & Pencils for Kids

When it comes to smiles, SmileMakers offers everything your dental office could need! Browse some of these items and more:

Shop everything from tools for kids dental education, teeth stickers, waiting room furniture and recall cards! With SmileMakers dental products, your patients will leave wearing their freshly clean smile!