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Plastic Treasure Chests

Ahoy, mateys! You've uncovered a plunder of plastic treasure chests that turn ordinary rooms into adventures! Brighten your classroom or office with smiling children today through plastic treasure chests, small and large, from SmileMakers. Overflowing with valuables that kids of all ages love, our toy treasure chests mark the spot for excitement and good cheer!

Shop the wide selection of treasure chests available at SmileMakers!

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Toy Treasure Chests for Kids

Boys, girls, adults - everyone can appreciate a good, ole-fashioned treasure hunt! SmileMakers brings that experience to life with deluxe, small, and plastic treasure chests that are practically bottomless. Browse our fortune of plastic treasure chests today, including:

Deluxe Plastic Treasure Chests: Put a twinkle in the eyes of a child with sparkling, toy treasure chests from SmileMakers. Our deluxe line of plastic treasure chests come in many exciting themes that kids adore. Create a real-life treasure hunt today, and get ready for a boat-load of fun!

Value Treasure Chests: You don't need to shipwreck your budget to make children happy! Value treasure chests provide an economical option that patients, students, and your little ones will remember. Large chests, small chests, and even chests shaped like teeth - our affordable selection of plastic treasure chests bring excitement to your home or workplace.

Treasure Chest Prizes: With the hottest rewards that kids love, it's no wonder that your overflowing bounty will soon need to be refilled with more treasure chest prizes. That's why SmileMakers offers a complete selection of treasure chest prizes for dental offices and other settings. Get yours today, and make sure you're prepared when your little treasure hunters visit! These treasure chests, and many of our other products, give children more than just smiles. It's also an opportunity to teach. Encourage kids to share their riches with others, and promote the value of cooperation in your home and workplace. With toy treasure chests from SmileMakers, everyone makes out like a bandit!

A Treasure Trove of Happiness

Leave your treasure maps at home, because we stock the toy treasure chests you've been looking for! These hidden gems are made to entertain boys and girls of all ages. Begin a treasure hunt, reward children with prizes, and so much more - all with the help of plastic treasure chests from SmileMakers! Get your order expressed delivered and find the most valuable treasure of all, a child's smile!