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Pencils for Kids from SmileMakers

Learning to read, write, and do arithmetic is more fun with cool pencils for kids from SmileMakers. You'll see kids smile when they use a pencil covered in their favorite characters, sporting their favorite colors or celebrating their birthday!

These pencils are ideal for test taking and the classroom environment with No. 2 lead and are available in bulk or smaller amounts. If you can't choose which pencil you like best, choose the SmileMakers pencil samplers, for bulk amounts sorted by theme.

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or friend, these pencils for kids make the perfect gift. Personalize the pencil to that special child by choosing their favorite animal, design, or character. You're sure to make them smile!

Shop the wide selection of writing & accessories available at SmileMakers!

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Personalized Pencils for Kids

With more than 250 different designs to choose from, you can customize your pencil to the student, day, color, activity or character. Browse our assortment of dental pencils, holiday pencils, teacher pencils, and more. Teaching kids with a smile has never been this easy! Using fun kids pencils from SmileMakers has a lot of great benefits, including:

Take Learning to the Next Level: Whether you're teaching a child in your dental chair, in the classroom or at home, adding a little bit of flare can make learning more fun! Kids will engage in their studies at the next level when using their favorite pencil to do their school work.

Encourage their Personality: Encourage kids to display their personality by using their favorite writing tool in the classroom, or personalize the pencil to display your student's or patient's name. Reward your students with their favorite colors - the smile is contagious!

Associate School & Smiles: By rewarding your students or encouraging them to take out their favorite pencil for the next activity, you're associating learning with fun and excitement. Make that extra effort to make writing special with these cool pencils for kids.

Pencils for Kids & Pencil Accessories

We have been providing the products that make you smile for more than 35 years, and we do our best to make your shopping experience simple, safe, quick, and economical. Take advantage of our web promotions, professional discounts, and bulk sale prices. The best of pencils and other associated products are available to you on our website.

Along with cool pencils for kids, SmileMakers is a distributor of pencil accessories, teacher reward stickers, and many more items for the classroom. Find school supplies for teachers, as well as all of the dental office products and promotional items that you need to grow your practice!