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Optical Recall Cards

Keep customers coming back with SmileMakers optical recall cards! Choose from laser and custom recall cards to find the cards that are perfect for your practice. By choosing creative recall cards, you're showing your patients you care - and they're sure to post these on their fridge at home!

Personalize: SmileMakers optical recall cards give you an opportunity to add your practice and contact information to the templates. Let our high quality prints represent your practice.

Remind: Keep all eyes on you by reminding your patients of upcoming appointments. Don't choose a mundane card that they end up tossing - choose one that gets their attention!

Care: By investing in reminding your patients, you're caring for them even when they're outside of your office. Let them see that you care with unique optical recall cards from SmileMakers.

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Custom Recall Cards

Choose from a variety of different types of optical recall cards, including:

  • Character Cards for kids
  • Animal Recall Cards
  • Adult Informative Cards (Lasik and other eye care information)

Don't let your patients forget about you and your practice. Go that extra mile to make them feel special with SmileMakers optical recall cards. Pick your card, personalize it, and let SmileMakers do the rest!