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Language Arts Games for Kids

Whether your child is home-schooled or attends classes in a school system, reading and writing is vital to their success. Make learning an enriching and engaging experience with SmileMakers and our language arts games for kids. From basic spelling to complex sentence structures, help guide children through these exciting education products that build their skills and provide hours of fun!

From grammar rules to punctuation, parts of speech and beyond, language arts posters are a perfect way to keep students on their toes. Remind them of the importance of reading at every turn or post test taking strategies on the wall for anxious testing pupils. SmileMakers has a variety of classroom posters that will encourage and uplift your kids.

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Reading & Writing Games for Schools

Language arts games unite your entire classroom for an enriching learning experience! Build a sense of community through these exciting exercises that test and expand your students' reading comprehension and writing proficiency. Browse our extensive selection of kids' language arts games, including:

Spelling Beez: The ability to spell correctly is the foundation that every child relies on. Improve the skills of your students through interesting spelling games that suit multiple players and age groups! Help your child practice for the next competition with these dynamic, language arts games for kids.

Bingo Word Games: Focusing on punctuation, synonyms, and many other parts of speech - these interactive, language arts games bring kids and teachers together! Help your children master the basics, and then watch as they progress to more challenging lessons.

Language Arts Activities for Kids

Language arts kids games, activities, and posters are a great way to get everyone involved, especially in the classroom or in the home. Available in a wide range of reading and writing topics, SmileMakers offers teachers and parents many types of educational activities, including:

Activity Books: Covering parts of speech, vocabulary exercises, and sentence structures, activity books for children are a great way to grow their appreciation for words. For grades 1-6, language arts activity books help kids flourish! Great for students that are trying to get caught-up, as well as those that are excelling - activity books get kids involved!

Writing Prompt Cards: Fuel their writing creativity with these language arts prompts that include a variety of writing styles. As homework assignments or small-group projects, these language arts activities help kids learn to be creative.

Kids of all ages, and even adults, can join in these exciting language arts activities and games. Brighten the minds and smiles of someone special in your life today, just by ordering these language arts games for your school or home!