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Kids Erasers at SmileMakers

BAs a teacher or parent, you know the value of learning from mistakes. Help children discover that same lesson with kids erasers from SmileMakers. Fun, functional, affordable - pair our kids erasers with animal or rubber pencil toppers to add style and pizzazz to the classroom! Stock your dental office, school, or home with these kids pencil erasers and fun toppers to turn mistakes into opportunities for smiles!

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  • Erasers

    Turn in perfect work with our great selection of erasers.

  • Dental Erasers

    Dental Erasers will keep papers clean and minty fresh!

  • Sharpeners

    Never a dull moment with our Pencil Sharpeners!

Fun Erasers for Kids

Children look forward to learning when kids erasers from SmileMakers are on the scene! Keep your lesson plan on-track with our many varieties of kids erasers, including:

Kids Pencil Erasers: Useful, stylish, and yes... even sweet smelling! SmileMakers offers the kids pencil erasers that boys and girls of all ages can appreciate. Writing mistakes provide unique chances for personal growth. Don't miss out on an important lesson because your kids erasers is old and worn. SmileMakers stocks kids erasers in many themes and sizes, along with scented varieties that signal the sweet smell of academic success!

Fun Eraser Brushes: Perfect for art classes, kids eraser brushes help kids correct sketching mistakes before moving on to expressing themselves through painting. Make their creative process easier and more enjoyable with these colorful brushes for ages 3 and up!

Dental Erasers: Greet your patients with kids erasers featuring friendly teeth, and many other dental themes! Remind them to practice proper hygiene. Give a smile, and receive one with these dental erasers that make an excellent addition to your practice or home.

Rubber Pencil Toppers & Huggers

Rubber pencil toppers and huggers give children a friendly companion while they learn. From classroom lessons to homework, kids pencil toppers and huggers come in many shapes, sizes, and themes - including:

Animal Pencil Toppers: Bring the excitement of a wilderness adventure into you classroom today! With animal pencil toppers, kids get to decorate their pencils with some of the most beloved critters in the world! They'll look forward to homework assignments when they sit-down each night with an animal pencil topper from SmileMakers!

Pencil Topper Rewards: From stars to smiley faces, rubber pencil toppers are the perfect reward for your little academic achiever! By showing them the personal satisfaction of hard-work, help promote an appreciation for learning that a child can carry with them.

Animal Huggers: Kids always prefer to learn when they have a furry friend along for the ride! Animal pencil huggers make charming additions to any classroom activity or homework assignment. With the colorful critters that kids adore, SmileMakers connects you to our animal huggers and other dynamic pencil grips.