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Dental Education for Kids

Make proper dental hygiene fun and exciting with kids dental education products! Like you, we know the value of a child's smile. Help keep their teeth clean and healthy with our wide range of educational toys for boys and girls of all ages. Day and night - keep brushing in sight with help from SmileMakers today!

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Educational Toys & Healthy Teeth

As a parent, dental professional, or teacher - you have a unique opportunity to improve the lives and smiles of those around you. Guide them on a path to a beautiful smile for years to come, all with help from SmileMakers. Support kids dental education with helpful products that kids love, including:

Waiting Room Posters: The waiting room is the perfect chance to leave a lasting impression on your patients. With our dental education posters, kids can learn about good brushing habits, and many other healthy practices that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Help occupy their minds. Enhance your office. Create a relaxing environment. All of this is possible with SmileMakers and our dental education posters for kids. You can even place these charming posters on the ceiling, so your patients have something to entertain them while you administer expert care!

Dental Stickers for Kids: Kids love nothing more than a memorable reward! After all, they deserve something for being a good sport. Help your patients look forward to their next visit with kids dental stickers from SmileMakers. With each kids dental sticker that you giveaway, see the new and improved smiles of visitors to your practice! Featuring the characters and stunning designs that boys and girls love, kids dental education stickers are the perfect reminder for good hygiene!

Children's Dental Puppets: Show children the proper way to brush with kids dental education puppets from SmileMakers! Through a personal demonstration, you can show children how to clean hard-to-reach areas. Let them take a turn practicing on the puppets, and instill a greater appreciation for the power of a clean smile! Our dental puppets for children feature recognizable animals and characters, showing kids that even animals need to care for their teeth!

With so many dental education toys for kids at SmileMakers, it's a good idea to give your patients a goodie bag to take home. By including dental tips, reminders, and products - your dental goodie bags become a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on your young patients. Boys and girls of all ages can will appreciate your kind gesture, and ask for your practice by name the next time they're due for a check-up!