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Imprinted Toothbrushes

Your patient will appreciate any toothbrush you send them home with after a visit. SmileMakers has imprinted toothbrushes so you can send them home with a quality personalized toothbrush with your practice information!

These custom toothbrushes will make your patient think of you every time they brush their teeth. Choose from a variety of cool toothbrushes and let your quality product represent your fine practice. Order in bulk for the best value, or order several smaller sizes to get a great variety!

Shop the wide selection of custom items available at SmileMakers!

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Imprinted toothbrushes for adults: Browse a variety of available toothbrushes for adults! From standard to retro, holiday to travel, imprinted toothbrushes from SmileMakers have style!

Custom toothbrushes for kids: For the smaller and more fragile brushers, choose from a variety of toothbrushes to customize for your young patients!

Personalized toothbrush accessories: Provide your patient with not only imprinted toothbrushes, but also personalized covers, toothbrush bathroom holders, and more!

Take a look at the variety of available imprinted toothbrushes and other dental products from SmileMakers!

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Load your patient's goodie bag up with quality stuff with your name on it! Shop SmileMakers' variety of dental products, including:

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